Milk, cheeses, flours. We are all intolerant

Milk, cheeses, flours. We are all intolerant

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Interview carried out within the framework of the 3rd National Congress on Safe and Healthy Food held in the city of Santa Fe

The gastroenterologist, Eduardo Cueto Rua, founder of the Argentine Celiac Association, maintains that currently the incidence is higher in women than in men. “We have 3 thousand diagnosed and there are 2 thousand women and a thousand men. That two-to-one relationship is everywhere. " The reason? According to the specialist: “The immunity of women is special. She harbors an organism foreign to her, the son, and there is no rejection.

The immune system of women is, without a doubt, special and also suffers from more autoimmune diseases ”. Nutrition graduate Camila Palacios added: "The hormonal changes in women at each stage of their life, especially when they become pregnant, make them more prone to diseases." Cueto Rua remarked that the particularity of this trend is something that is being studied throughout the world.

Celiac disease occurs in people who have a genetic predisposition to suffer from it. It is known, in fact, that it appears more frequently among members of the same family. However, it is not a hereditary disease.

Dr. Cueto Rua clarifies: “It is genetic and not hereditary, it is up to him. If the mother is celiac the child can and should eat wheat from 6 or 7 months and if he is celiac he will be as divine as the mother and if he is not celiac he will be as divine as the father ”.

According to studies by the Argentine Celiac Association, it manifests itself through different symptoms and signs that vary according to age:

In children the characteristic symptom is chronic diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal distention, weight loss and growth retardation, among the most recurrent.

In adolescents, the most characteristic is abdominal pain, lack of spirits, delayed menstrual cycle, constipation, headache and, in addition, short stature compared to siblings or parents.

In adults, symptoms range from osteoporosis, fractures, constipation, impotence to depression, epilepsy, and peripheral neuropathies. In young, undiagnosed women, spontaneous abortions can occur.

When asked about what causes gluten intolerance in the body, the doctor said: "If it refers to 'non-celiac gluten sensitivity', it causes bloating, diarrhea, headaches, fatigue and general malaise." However, he warned: "All this disappears with the suppression of the TACC."

In turn, Cueto Rua warned that a person with celiac disease can be asymptomatic. "We have seen it when the diagnosis is made in a brother who had a blood test that was positive, the biopsy shows atrophy and the boy was a high-performance athlete." Both specialists agreed that in cases like the one mentioned, the only way is to start from the diagnosis of a close relative.

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