They train crows to collect waste in the Puy du Fou park

They train crows to collect waste in the Puy du Fou park

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The well-known theme park Puy du Fou, in western France, began using a team of six crows to collect the papers, packaging, cigarette butts and other waste that visitors throw on the ground.

An employee of the park, Christophe Gaborit, responsible for the hawks, observed that the crows liked to play with people, collect waste from the ground and use it to build their nests and from there came the idea of ​​training them to collect garbage from the Park.

Gaborit began to train these birds for six months with the help of a box with two compartments, in one of them they placed some treats "that crows adore", and left the other empty, so that the birds could place them there.cigarette butts or other debrislittle ones. When the animals deposit a cigarette butt in the box, a mechanism is activated and they receive one of the treats.

The chosen species is the rook raven, a bird "particularly smart“Said the park director, Nicolas de Villiers.

The director also made it clear that it is not about animal work, it is not intended that the crows clean the entire park, since there is a specialized team of professionals for this, but it is an initiative of "awareness and education for humans" .

“There are times when people are negligent with nature: they throw papers, food containers or cigarette butts on the ground. This is a nice lesson from nature. If we dirty her, she herself gives us an answer through the birds ”, he highlighted.

To prevent visitors from engaging in counterproductive behavior such asexpressly throw the papers to be able to play with birds, they are always "accompanied by the falconer, who watches over and protects them, although they fly freely in the area."

The initiative does not have a date set for its end, but the idea is to continue "until it is no longer necessary." For now the six crows take turns and clean a total of two hours a day, although, according to Villiers, more than working "they have fun." Since 1989, the Puy du Fou park has offered entertainment and historical-themed shows, such as medieval, Roman or war, in which different species of birds participate.

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