Black Gold, Blue Gold, Green Revolution

Black Gold, Blue Gold, Green Revolution

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For many centuries, those who inhabited what are now called developing or third world countries were absolutely self-sufficient. Not only that, but they were rich. Rich in their culture, their biodiversity, their social values ​​and many other non-material aspects and much more important than these.

In 1492, Capitalism discovered America and from that moment many things changed. From sugar and colored mirrors, to corn, transgenic soybeans and forest monocultures, Our America has been forced to travel an arduous path of degradation of its natural resources and social impoverishment.

Today it is a fact that a large part of our land and our natural resources are used by gigantic multinationals for their own benefit at the cost of an ecocide of such magnitude that not only affects our continent, but also jeopardizes the survival of every living being over the planet.

The era of black gold is coming to an end and with it begins the era of blue gold. Latin America has the largest remaining drinking water reserves in the world and if we allow it, it will suffer the same atrocities that the oil-producing countries of the Middle East suffer until today. Our water reserves are already being plundered by using them unsustainably for soy monocultures, due to deforestation of enormous proportions that are carried out in our native forests to supplant them by pine and eucalyptus, trees that grow much faster and consume large quantities. of water.

This type of undertaking not only generates environmental degradation, but also has as a corollary the social exclusion of native peoples and all peasants and small producers who for years were the engine of the economy of the entire region.

Our countries must rethink the development model that they have imposed on us so far and that this environmental, economic and social crisis that we are experiencing has led us. Malnourished children in food-exporting countries, thousands of extinct or on the verge of extinction animal and plant species, the greatest social inequality and the worst distribution of poverty in our history, and the prospect that day by day everything will get worse.

The agrarian reform cannot be postponed, the redistribution of wealth cannot continue to be delayed, the halt to the payment of the illegal foreign debt is necessary, the declaration of a state of environmental emergency is urgent, a better world is possible.

Ricardo Natalichio

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