Monsanto and Bayer: the political surrender of our bodies

Monsanto and Bayer: the political surrender of our bodies

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The National Seed Law allows large food corporations to appropriate the seeds that will later become fruits and vegetables. Taking over the seeds, patenting them and preventing their free distribution makes them possessors of a significant power: our food.

To better understand this story we must put some points on the same level. It will be necessary to make some preliminary clarifications, so that this reading is fair for everyone, generationally speaking.

In this article there will be some mixed information because historical analysis, when it reviews, does so by mixing times and situations. So, the most relevant characters in this writing will be companies. Very powerful multinational corporations. We will also mention people who changed human history forever.

1) Monsanto: American company that dedicated its resources to the chemical industry. He began synthesizing sweeteners for Coca-Cola, until he was able to modify the genetics of seeds and food-producing plants globally, such as soybeans, for example, to grow faster and tolerate pesticides.

2) Bayer: German company that dedicated its resources to the pharmaceutical industry and scientific research.

3) Hitler: Genocide. German politician. He came to power by direct election. Leader of the National Socialist Party. He was one of the greatest assassins in human history. It conquered almost all of Europe giving rise to the Second World War.

4) Josef Menguele: Adolf Hitler's personal physician. He worked tirelessly on research on human genome, mutations, genetic cloning. All investigations and tests were conducted on humans of Jewish origin.

Doing a historical analysis can be boring, but the present, what happens to us today, has its origin in the past. And this, what happens to us today, is explained to us by the past, in the present: why do we eat the food that we eat, why do we listen to the music that is playing, why do we get sick from the diseases that afflict us?

Cancer, diabetes, H.I.V, leukemia, stress, obesity and many other pandemic diseases currently have a very high number of incidence worldwide. And this, in large part, is due to the intervention of the human being. But not just any human, but the transnational entrepreneur human being linked to other human beings who administer spaces of power and strategic influence at a global level (almost all elderly and white men).

In June of this year it was precisely known

Bayer, the German giant of the laboratory chemical industry, acquired another giant, but of the food industry: Monsanto. The figure is $ 63 billion.

On the official Monsanto website, the infographic reads as follows: “Bayer has successfully completed the acquisition of Monsanto. By strengthening our agriculture division and portfolio of bioscientific products, the acquisition is a significant step forward for Bayer, our employees, our customers and our shareholders. Bayer will continue to update the content of this site until the completion of the Monsanto integration process ”. For Bayer, its employees, its customers and shareholders this is a step forward… for humanity it is disease and genetic deformation.

"Monsanto makes us sick and Bayer medicates us"

A first question occurs to me: If Monsanto worldwide is being so questioned by organizations of different origins and even by States, for what reason, then Bayer, a corporation that in the collective unconscious has such prestige, acquire this giant The grains? Let's try some answers ...

Is it Bayer good?

Bayer turned 155 in history. Ok, it's a lot. But, if there is something, the years are history and the stories intersect. In those 150 years of history, there were also the years of Nazism. Hitler and Bayer shared a singular passion for Aryan Germany. The products used in the gas chambers of the clandestine concentration camps were Bayer products. The contributions of money, research materials and various resources destined for the scientific research of Nazism, had a unique destination: Josef Mengele and genetic manipulation.

And this is precisely where the question asked above has a singular and precise link: Monsanto modifies the genetics of the seeds that feed us. Bayer worked alongside Hitler's sinister doctor on the genetic modification of humans. Cloning was attempted long before we met Dolly the sheep born in Scotland in 1996.

But let's go back to Monsanto: in the service of Death

Not only Bayer has collaborated with the darkest in the history of mankind by providing knowledge and resources. Monsanto made its contribution to obscurity when, mediating the Vietnam War (the United States militarily invades Vietnamese territory to prevent the unification of Vietnam as a socialist and / or communist country, between 1964 and 1975), a new period in the history of the War and humanity: The use of chemical weapons. Monsanto was the company that contributed the most herbicides and chemical compounds to the US government, giving rise to a deadly and highly harmful weapon called Agent Orange.

More than 40 years after the US invasion of Vietnam, the aftermath of Agent Orange continues to appear in Vietnamese victims. Did we see it in the movies? Well some dared to show it, warmly. But it is literature and journalistic work that shed light on these events. Julio Cortázar inManuel's book, tells us harshly and in his style what happened. Manuel will one day be a reader of all that horror and pain suffered by many people.

But there are events that are pushing humanity and we are there, distracted, looking at the screen that entertains us. Apart from literature, this text is an invitation to think beyond the short term.

The Monsanto event has several imposing edges that require analysis

It is the most powerful and influential company in the agricultural sector, it handles 30% of the world's seeds and together with Bayer, it would have even greater control; since Bayer controls 25% of the world's pesticides.

Monsanto genetically modified and patented countless seeds. But what does it mean to genetically modify? For example, you consume a lemon. You take out the juice, pulp and seeds. Of all the seeds that the lemon contains, you can germinate all, let's put 8 or 9 seeds. Of that amount, only one or two will take root and be a future fruit tree. But that little tree will not bear fruit. Seeds are not a means of reproduction, since that is what genetic modification consists of. They are more resistant to pests and above all, they resist the pesticides that Monsanto itself markets. In other words, producers, peasants, ruralistas, buy a pack, a combo of seeds + pesticide.

The account is round and spits out profits every time you spin. It is estimated that in 2050 the world population will be 9 billion inhabitants. Feeding them all will undoubtedly generate pornographic profits and Bayer understood the game perfectly. But what is all this little Monsanto and Bayer story about? A few weeks ago in Buenos Aires, the Seed Law was being discussed. At the same time, the international seed lobby fires dollars and bullets everywhere.

The National Seed Law allows large food corporations to take ownership and appropriate the seeds that will later become fruits and vegetables. Owning the seeds, patenting them and preventing their free distribution makes them possessors of a significant power: OUR FOOD.

What does lobbying mean?

Agents of powerful companies or governments approach different sectors (politicians, universities, medical specialists, nutritionists, pedagogues, psychologists, journalists, etc.), disburse money and influence to acquire "good results" that influence the population so that their products or proposals are successful, profitably speaking. On November 26, the lobbyists ofLet's change - PRO, employees of large corporations, acted on their extortion and influence policies. They presented a bill written and designed by the Asociación de Semilleros Argentinos (ASA). Support for the project is provided by the Association of Direct Sowing Producers (Aapresid), to which the Minister of Agroindustry, Luis Miguel Etchevere, former president of the Argentine Rural Society, has been awarded by Macri with this fundamental Ministry.

Etchevere was an active participant in the so-called Liaison Table, he knew how to shake hands with that marmot bishop and functional ruralista named Alfredo De Angelis. But the scandal and the scam do not end only in the legislative.

Bayer-Monsanto, ChemChina-Syngenta, Corteva (Dow-DuPont) and BASF, handle 90% of the seed market in the world. And they are the ones that promote in Latin America, laws and patents that prohibit the ancestral way of linking with seeds. This means that the farmers, all of them, have to pay the scammers, corporations backed by the political sector, a fee for the use of seeds.

The Bill contemplates that the State, through subsidies, be responsible for this expense. Specifically, what Minister Etchevere and his business bosses propose is to give international corporations the right to take possession of the seeds that they will feed us and also have the State pay them for that.

Glyphosate, that poison ...

Monsanto's official website says that glyphosate is an active ingredient present in all Roundup herbicides. And it makes it clear that glyphosate does not cause cancer, birth defects, or DNA damage, nor does it have effects on the nervous or immune systems, nor does it cause endocrine disorders or reproductive problems, and that a lot of prestigious analyzes prove it. But let's see ...

In 2015, the Télam Agency told us about a study carried out in Mar del Plata, where of all the people studied, 90% of them found glyphosate in their blood.

Three years later, the same media said that glyphosate is present throughout the environmental system and that Argentina is the largest consumer of glyphosate in the world per inhabitant. Damián Marino, scientist at the Center for Environmental Research, a body that depends on CONICET, indicated that, in the last 10 years, 1 billion liters of glyphosate entered the country. This would be equivalent to 10 liters of glyphosate for each Argentine. Marino also explains that glyphosate kills everything green except those genetically modified sprouts like soybeans, corn and cotton.

Do you want to tell me that we eat glyphosate residue in our meals? Don't overdo it, you want!

Not only that. The range is so wide that the consequences will be, in the not so distant future, very revealing and devastating for the human body. Cotton in Argentina, as in other countries in the world, is sprayed with glyphosate when the flower opens on the tree. The herbicide penetrates the fibers and there it lasts, because if Monsanto boasts of anything, it is that glyphosate persists for many years. Our cotton, the one you and I have in the bathroom, panty liners and feminine wipes, feminine tampons, even diapers, contain residues of this herbicide.

Some countries take political and health measures in this regard. France, Canada, for example, places where glyphosate tries to be banned due to the impact it causes on health, recalled products contaminated with glyphosate.

From Vietnam to Colombia, a world of symmetries ...

The United States government has a particular interest in Colombia. The FARC, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, control or controlled much of the peasant territories in the interior of Colombia. The fact itself is complex, we are not going to dwell on this analysis, but on a detail. The FARC coca plantations were sprayed with Glyphosate for several years. Systematically, hydrant planes flew over the jungles spraying this poison. The recommendation came from the northern government.

Argentina, that country so far away

Meanwhile, in Argentina, the largest per capita consumer of glyphosate on the planet, the national government defends the use of the herbicide. He moves his ministerial puppets to represent corporations. Something is not right in this game, where we vote representatives who play for the opposite side.

Lino Barañao, Minister of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation of the Government of Cristina Fernández, continues in the position of the macrista function, as Secretary of Science and Technology. This graduate in chemical sciences exposed a singular political action favoring the development of Monsanto in the country.

And here, despite many, Peronism has a historical responsibility. Felipe Solá is the founder of this phenomenon called Monsanto and Transgenic Soy, when he was a minister in the Duhalde government, and then Kirchnerism did its thing. He approved the entry of Monsanto indiscriminately. Without regulation, ignoring specialists of international rigor, and here, in this instance, Barañao plays a spartan role: the persecution of any glyphosate researcher.

Anyone who hears the statements of the lobbyist official will be able to infer that Barañao undoubtedly works for the most questioned herbicide corporation on the planet. And as proof of this, a few weeks ago, Minister Barañao said at a press conference, after defending the use of pesticides, that "people also die from drinking too much water", in a clear display of cynicism and stupidity, as this government has us used to.

The province of Entre Ríos this year achieved a law that prohibits spraying less than a thousand meters from rural schools. Violent events have occurred many times on the part of the soybean gang, the same one that promoted the roadblocks with the 125 a few years ago with Alfredo de Angelis at the head, later awarded by this financial sepoy group called Cambiemos, with a bank in the low camera.

And it is precisely in Entre Ríos, where Fabián Tomasi worked, filling the hydrant tanks of the planes that sprayed the plantations with glyphosate.

Fabián Tomasi, who died in September this year, highlighted the deadly consequences of this product. Within months he developed fatal cancer. Suffered a severe metabolic toxic polyneuropathy, that causes a dysfunction of a part of the central nervous system. In the province of Córdoba, Sofía Gatica is an exponent of the resistance against ecoterrorism carried out by agrotoxic corporations.

Andrés Carrasco, scientist, researcher and former president of Conicet, head of the embryology department of the UBA, photographer, now deceased, investigated and documented the effects produced by the pesticide. He was also Secretary of Science in the Ministry of Defense of the government of Cristina Fernández. Carrasco was persecuted, threatened, intimidated and discredited.

Barañao, the same man who today plays for macrismo and who considers that people are dying from drinking too much water, publicly took charge of denying Carrasco's work.

But Carrasco and his investigations were not only debated in the Argentine countryside and in the Buenos Aires ministries, but his name also appeared in the complaints made by Edward Snowden. In 2011, WikiLeaks published a diplomatic cable from the US embassy in which it was evidenced that the scientist had been investigated for his studies on the chemical compound. A little further here in time, we have the excellent work done byVanesa Rosales de la Quintana for Paco Urondo Agency.

The facts happen, you just have to connect them

The World Health Organization established glyphosate as a "probably carcinogenic" product. What prevails is the optimization of profits regardless of the cost that this causes. Communicational and political manipulation do the rest.

Not many years ago, the use and consumption of tobacco was socially accepted. Very few raised their voices against the toxicological content of cigarettes, that legal over-the-counter drug. You could smoke in the bus, hospitals, classrooms and hallways of universities, offices, elevators, etc.

Today the irreversible and fatal damage caused by tobacco consumption is indisputable. Smokers are well aware of this harm, but engineered drugs work like this, generating addiction and dependence. Perhaps when we have real awareness of the deadly consequences glyphosate has on all of us, it may be too late. Actually, it's already late.

The media fence works

A wall without windows that no one can see. The media say nothing about it. But there are many people dedicated to reporting and investigating the consequences of this commercial and everyday poison in the food we consume. The non-degraded remains remain and remain in the food that we put on the table every day. Social networks alert and militate with overwhelming force. The need to raise awareness in the populations is urgent.

On social media, sites like:





#Traveltofumigated towns


They do constant work, without funding and with no interest other than raising social awareness about this chemical phenomenon and mainly because of the political subjugation that it produces in small and medium ruralistas who are against the soy export model.

The powerful are ahead of us. Henry Kissinger, when he was Defense Minister of Jimmy Carter, president of the United States between 1977 and 1981, carried out the process of “green expansion”. And in this context he argued that"Whoever controls food, controls humanity."

By Ezequiel Palacio

Video: Bayer + Monsanto = A Match Made in Hell (May 2022).


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