Project MUYU Fruit Food Seed Sown. Sign the petition

Project MUYU Fruit Food Seed Sown. Sign the petition

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WHAT DOES MUYU Consist of Fruit Food Seed Seed?

It is a reforestation project for the world, from the schools. Experienced in Atenas, Costa Rica. Approved as a reforestation strategy for the world by the World Peoples Meeting (Cochabamba, Bolivia, 2010). Hosted as a strategy by the Network of Seed Guardians in America, promoted by the Secretariat of Good Living Ecuador.

Objective: That millions of children grow millions of fruit trees each year, to replant in homes, schools, deforested places, water sources, river banks, parks. At no cost to the State or families, with reused materials.

Responding to the need to achieve a sustainable habitat


-Create in each school:
* A bank of seeds: collecting them from the fruits that we eat or discard, washing and drying them for eight days, storing them later in used glass jars, with a date and name.
* A fruit tree nursery: using soil and reused plastic containers, sowing the seeds, watering them until they germinate and caring for them until they become strong.
-Share (never sell) the plants with their families, the community or by planting them at school, at home and in deforested places.


* Develops in children the habit of saving, protecting the seed and sowing it.
* It will reduce deforestation, returning their habitat to many species, including humans.

* Reduces global warming: trees release oxygen and retain the CO2 that causes the greenhouse effect.
* Avoid famine: there will be free fruits, the healthiest food, to share with all living beings.
* Replace the consumption of meat and dairy. The land occupied by a cow can produce healthy food for many families.
* Regulates rainfall and increases water sources.
* Produces humus, improves the quality of soils, making them productive.
* Trees provide wood to make our house and beautify the landscape.


Hernando Rojas, actor in the novel El Ángel de Piedra, promotes the re-afforestation project for the world Fruit Food Seed Seed.

By Agreement # 0074-09, the Ministry of Education of Ecuador committed to:
(…) Art. 2. IMPLEMENT in all Basic Education and High School establishments in the country, the project "MUYU: food fruit, sown seed" according to the particularities of each one, preserving the objectives and methodology set out in the project, including it in the Institutional Educational Project (PI ) and fostering strategic alliances that integrate the different actors and members of the educational community and society as a whole, for the best use of the resources generated by the project.

It is a priority that education incorporates the practice of reforestation so that girls and boys develop this habit and contribute to the reconstruction of the planet.

Ecuador has approx. 3 million students. If each one @ sows 1 seed per week in nurseries, in 20 weeks they will have planted 60 million trees, without money, with reused materials. What if this project was done by students from all over the world?

The seed is the basis of the life cycle on which living beings depend. Altered by deforestation and pollution originating from production.

Nothing that we adults do to rebuild the planet will have continuity if the new generations are not involved in this practice.

Video: Fun Growing Vegetables Fruits from Food Scraps Seeds Video Episode. Bhavnas Kitchen (July 2022).


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