Living in an Ecovillage

Living in an Ecovillage

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Fashion or need for change? this video shows what life is like in two eco-villages that challenge the consumer basics of western society

There are people who by nature are more prepared for the isolation of the country than for the solitude of the city. In any case, change is always a challenge. Five people ran the risk of changing their city life, for the relaxed life of the country, they are: Elena, Diyosa, María, Juanjo and Augusto assumed with enthusiasm.

This group of friends took about five years to plan the ecovillage, step by step. They were pursuing a dream: to live in the middle of the countryside and rebuild an old village called Rinconmalillo.

This great ecological adventure that they undertook some time ago, could become a reality.

There are many changes and adaptation is not easy, but there is an invaluable good that can only be achieved with a simpler and more relaxed life: time.

And time is one of those riches that many people look for in the Sierra de Huelva. François and his wife Marie left France and Holland behind and moved near this place to be more free. For them, freedom is synonymous with self-sufficiency, and ecovillages are the way to reach their goal.

Bioconstruction, ecological agriculture, natural medicines and free education

Bioconstruction, ecological agriculture, natural medicines and free education are the main bases to lead a respectful life with the environment. This growing philosophy is called permaculture. Caring for the Earth, respecting the beings that inhabit it and the fair distribution of surpluses, putting limits on consumption, are the principles of this new way of life. A different rhythm that more and more people join: it is the boom of the neo-rural era.

These immigrants are not looking for work or money, they are looking for quality of life and El Calabacino is the ideal place to find it. People from different parts of the world have left their places of origin behind to settle in this lost ecovillage within the Sierra de Aracena. An old abandoned village that has been rebuilt little by little and currently has 140 inhabitants.

El Calabacino is part of the RIE (Red Ibérica de Ecoaldeas) an association created in Spain that is already part of the present and, possibly, is also the future of many more people in search of a new way of life.

Video: Lammas Ecovillage 5 years On: Living in the FutureEcovillages 55 (May 2022).


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