Six examples that demonstrate Gas Natural's commitment to the environment

Six examples that demonstrate Gas Natural's commitment to the environment

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When we talk aboutNatural gas We quickly relate the company to concepts such as heating, hot water or comfort. However, the wide range of services that it offers allows to have an important support in very diverse situations such as electrical breakdowns, home insurance, boiler maintenance or emergency repairs.

TheseNatural Gas services ( contribute to creating a multidisciplinary and versatile company that also works for the environment, and it is this last commitment that acquires the most value today since caring for our planet means betting on the future without give up the present. These are the six examples that demonstrate this commitment to green with the aim that our grandchildren can enjoy a correct natural inheritance:

  1. Corporate culture: It is useless to educate the population with words if the facts do not fit the discourse. For this reason, Gas Natural encourages its workers, managers and suppliers to show an environmental commitment that is vital in our days. The purpose is to create a corporate culture with a series of values ​​that address respect for the planet. The dissemination of messages in this direction both in internal and external communication or the promotion of initiatives such as the purchase of hybrid vehicles are some of these actions. In this green circle the company also intends to include, ultimately, its customers.
  2. Goodbye to paper: Physical invoices are now part of the past. Currently, a significant percentage of Gas Natural customers receive all types of communications via email, so gas and electricity bills cannot be an exception. It is true that still many people, especially older people with little affinity for new technologies, prefer paper to check their physical consumption. However, the trend is drifting towards digital with the consequent saving of cellulose that this implies. Good news for our forests.
  3. A company that collaborates with the different organizations in the preservation of the environment: Gas Natural knows that its activity can cause some damage to the planet, so it tries to compensate the balance with a series of actions that help to reestablish the environmental balance. Thus, many environmental organizations and institutions aware of the cause receive the help of the company in its many actions.
  4. Generation of electricity with low carbon technologies: Unlike other sources of energy, natural gas contributes to taking better care of the planet. To influence this, Gas Natural has managed to reduce carbon emissions thanks to new technologies that are the result of endless research promoted by the company.
  5. Key role in the energy transition: The world is changing by leaps and bounds and Gas Natural wishes to be a participant in the energy transition that we are already experiencing. Thus, the biomethane or renewable gas with which this company works is generated from organic waste that comes from the livestock, agricultural and industrial industries, in a clear commitment to the circular economy that is positioned as a key element for the future.
  6. A cheap energy source that bursts into the energy mix: The price of natural gas is extremely lower than that of other energy sources, which allows more and more companies and institutions to bet on it in their day-to-day life, thus promoting the creation of an energy mix that yields clear figures on what respect for the environment is concerned.

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