Rivers for life, not for death!

Rivers for life, not for death!

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Statement from the Ríos Vivos Antioquia Movement regarding EPM's decision to close the floodgates of the Hidroituango powerhouse, killing the Cauca River.

As communities affected by Hidroituango, we express to national and international public opinion our deep sorrow for the environmental and social crime that Empresas Públicas de Medellín (EPM) is committing maliciously, against our employer Mono (the Cauca River, the beautiful Bredunco ), the second most important in the country on which we depend about 10 million people

We would NEVER ask, with the fallacious argument of protecting ourselves, to assassinate the river that gives us life, on which our culture, food and economy depend. We do not accept that they make us suppose that this crime was for us, we will not carry it on our conscience that it has fought with dignity to avoid what we suffer today. We demand respect from them. They do it only and solely in the name of their death project, which is their true priority.

Contrary to what was said at a press conference by the manager of EPM (Jorge Londoño de la Cuesta) in the presence of the governor of Antioquia (Luis Pérez) and the mayor of Medellín (Federico Gutiérrez), the river will not be the same again and neither will we because its life and the strength that today was taken from it, the sediments that are being dammed, its abundant flow, the temperature of its waters and the hydrated banks that today suffer erosion with so many fluctuations; all this is given because of their folly, because they do not know they have no idea that it is a river, a very complex ecosystem to be understood with the eyes of greed and destruction.

They warned us that there would be no water and that it is not known how long. Relying on a tank car, which is EPM's solution, to have water is a new anguish created by Hidroituango.

The responsibility for what happens to the river and the communities belongs to all those who accepted this death project, to the National Environmental Licensing Agency (ANLA), an environmental authority that most seems like the lawyer of EPM, of complicit institutions that They continue to ignore reality and the call for freedom that the river cries out.

The death of the river is our own death. EPM brought hunger and desolation. The groups outside the law have grown and this is also their responsibility, children have joined these groups because of hunger, families do not have to eat and the only option is violence.

Do not try to convince us that we are a priority when for 10 years they have been ignoring us, displacing, mistreating, humiliating, violating our rights, lying, persecuting, leaving us without work, without food, without tranquility and without housing. They have stolen everything we had, our life and now they are attacking a natural asset of all Colombia. The only way to truly protect life in the Cauca River Canyon, Lower Cauca, and to save the river is to dismantle Hidroituango.

Rivers for life, not for death!

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