The most effective medicine: contact with nature

The most effective medicine: contact with nature

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At the first symptoms of illness, we ran to the doctor. We want to heal fast.

We take pills, syrups, they give us injections. We just want to feel better right away.

But in Scotland, things are changing, doctors can prescribe, in addition to drugs, a dose of Nature.

Doctors can suggest you as a treatment for your health, a short trip, a daily walk through green spaces, wildlife watching, gardening or any other activity related to contact with Mother Earth.

The goal of this new therapy is to reduce some ills that are becoming unfortunately common. For example, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and diabetes, many of which are caused by the stress caused by the current pace of life.

Ecotherapy: the remedy for all ills

A large part of current illnesses are related to bad habits, the result of work pressures, routine stress, noise, and unhealthy environments in cities. It seems obvious, but we don't. The solution to balance ourselves by going to the extreme:more enjoyment, less stressful routines, less noise and cleaner air. Things that we can only find only in nature.

Being 90 minutes a day in wooded areas reduces depression, and spending 1 day in nature on a recurring basis improves the immune system, activating anti-cancer proteins.

Some of the treatments your doctor may recommend

Scottish doctors have a list of recipes that can help you recontact with nature.

  • Take walks with your dog. An excuse to get out… plus, pets promote better health and less anxiety!
  • Bury your face in the grass or massage your hands in the dirt. If you don't want to get dirty, you can just stare at two different blades of grass for a while
  • Prepare a meal on your patio or in the park
  • Lie down to see the sky
  • Feeding birds in the garden or pigeons in the park
  • Make a windsock or pinwheel to watch the wind from time to time. This will also provide you with an excuse to do crafts, which is a form of moving meditation.

It is about establishing habits and routines to get closer to nature. Without a doubt you will regain your balance, you will improve both your physical, mental and spiritual health.

Maybe, even if you don't live in Scotland, you can put them into practice. This time it is worth self-medicating!

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