Tree, an impressive Virtual Reality experience in which you will be a Tree in the Amazon

Tree, an impressive Virtual Reality experience in which you will be a Tree in the Amazon

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HTC VIVE and New Reality launch “Tree” at VIVEPORT to combat deforestation and climate change

The immersive VR (Virtual Reality) project has been shown at the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting in Davos to global society leaders on the HTC VIVE PRO with the VIVE wireless adapter. Additionally, Viveport has pledged to donate funds for Tree to the Rainforest Alliance's first 1,000 purchases to support its vital work to conserve the world's most threatened rainforests.

In Tree, users experience the Amazon from the point of view of a kapok tree. Spectators grow from a seedling to a mature tree that rises above the canopy line, its arms and body transforming into branches and trunk. Experience highlights the heartbreaking realities of tropical deforestation, which is mainly due to agricultural expansion and generates more carbon emissions than the sum total of all the cars and trucks in the world.

Tree was an early recipient of “VR for Impact” grants and has earned critical acclaim at prestigious events such as the Sundance Film Festival. As of January 24, the first 1,000 VIVE and Oculus Rift owners to download Tree on VIVEPORT for $ 4.99 supported proven strategies to conserve forests, the most effective climate technology known to mankind. Tree is also available for download via the Viveport subscription, members can now choose the title as one of their five monthly selections.

"The magic with virtual reality is that it has the power to create empathy and awareness about humanity's most pressing issues in new ways of immersion," said Rikard Steiber, president of Viveport. "Tree is a moving and enlightening experience that serves as an example of how we can use the immersive nature of virtual reality to illuminate critical issues."


"The greatest ability of virtual reality is telling powerful stories," said Milica Zec, co-founder of New Reality. “Tree has been able to connect with viewers in an intimate way that has made climate change personal to them. "We can't wait for people at home to finally experience this project for the first time," said Winslow Porter, co-founder of New Reality.

Originally launched by HTC VIVE at WEF in 2017, “VR for Impact” is an initiative to advance VR and AR content and technologies that will create positive impact and change in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

In 2018, HTC and WEF announced that WEF, in collaboration with a core group of VR / AR leaders and the UN, will drive the “VR for Impact” initiative into the future. As a core member of the group, HTC VIVE continues to design and create experiences as part of an ongoing, collaborative commitment to foster and advocate for the use of virtual and augmented reality to educate and empower humanity.

By Paige Farrell

For more information on VR for Impact, visit:

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