Back burn: causes, treatments and prevention

Back burn: causes, treatments and prevention

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The feeling of the back burn it can be very annoying and quite debilitating. Unfortunately, then, there are many reasons why back pain can develop, and the nature of the pain can be an important clue for doctors looking for a diagnosis but ... almost never a single factor in being able to make it fully effective.

Either way, although the symptoms of back pain vary from patient to patient, you do have a feeling of burning in the back it is often the result of muscle stiffening, which causes the muscles to warm up, also causing a “reddish” appearance of the skin.

The causes of burning in the back

A part of the causes of burning in the back it is caused by various problems with the spinal column: our spinal column is in fact made up of several "discs" located between the vertebral bones, which can be damaged due to wear, degeneration or injury.

When one of these discs protrudes from its normal position, it causes a "herniated disc" that can lead to pain and burning conditions in the back. Usually these problems appear in the lumbar region, considered as the most vulnerable part, given that it is the most heavily stressed during the day, and which is very involved during activities such as weight lifting and sports.

However, there are many causes of burning in the back, and not all of them depend on a herniated disc. Sometimes, in fact, back pain is caused by defects in the shape of the spine, which in turn affects posture, leading to the development of back pain over time. Conditions such as scoliosis, kyphosis or lordosis may therefore be able to modify the spine and even compress the spinal nerves, causing - in fact - pain and burning conditions in the back.

Another cause of back pain with heartburn is a muscle trauma: excessive stretching, tearing or injuries to the back muscles can cause a spasm or sudden strain. These typically occur when lifting heavy objects or during sudden movements that strain the muscles beyond their normal range of action. Repeated strains or back injuries can, in turn, cause the muscles to weaken over time.

Then there is the possibility that the burning in the back is due to direct injuries to the soft tissues that support the spine. Sometimes, an injury can only cause discomfort later on, making it difficult to try to understand what the “trigger” moment was.

How to prevent back burn

Even if going to meet a severe burning in the back it can be a painful event, it is actually useful to know that it be avoided or prevented, at least to a certain extent. It is in fact possible to train with proper physical exercise to prevent back discomfort, after sharing it with a specialist: if you already suffer from back pain, there is in fact the risk of worsening your condition!

In general, however, physical exercise will be of great help in preventing the recurrence of such phenomena. In fact, conscious physical activity helps to improve posture, strengthen the back and improve flexibility, lose excess weight or maintain that shape, provide stability, and so on.

How is burning in the back diagnosed and treated

Back pain accompanied by burning will be quite evident the moment it occurs, often prompting those affected to find an immediate remedy as soon as possible. If you are sure you know that physical stress is the reason why backburn develops, the use of remedies commonly available in pharmacies can be of great help.

Generally, therefore, it is possible treat back burn in this way:

stop and avoid repeating the activity that has subjected the back to excessive stress, and which caused the back burn, for at least a few days;

  • apply heat sources or sources of ice to the area affected by the problem;
  • take over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen;
  • while sleeping, try to do this in a fetal, curled up position, placing a pillow between your knees to relieve pressure.

If you suspect that the source of back pain is something more serious, such as in the case of a herniated disc, it is recommended to consult a doctor immediately. Your doctor will fully evaluate your spine and perform imaging tests such as x-rays and MRIs to support their diagnosis. Treatment of severe back injuries often uses stronger pain relievers, physical therapy and other initiatives to help the patient return to "normal".

Finally, remember how a widespread misconception is that bed rest is the best solution to contain discomfort but ... often it is not actually recommended if there are no severe signs of back pain, such as loss of bladder or bladder control. sphincter. Instead, staying active and having limited bed rest has been shown to promote faster recovery.

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