Forasacco: danger for dogs and cats

Forasacco: danger for dogs and cats

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Wild barley or murine barley or rats, are the three common names with which we often call the forasacco but beyond the terms used this is and remains a herbaceous plant that constitutes a danger to our pets, and I am referring above all to dogs and cats, because for other animals such as grazing animals, it is instead a good nourishment.

We will go to discover the characteristics but not only, also i damage it can cause to animals and any remedies to be put in place.

Forasacco: what it is

This plant is annual and belongs to the family of Poaceae, it came to us a long time ago from Western Asia and today it grows quietly throughout Europe and in the Mediterranean area all of them. Italy so it is a forasacco area, just wander the streets or meadows and gardens to find it. Look at the image and try to think if it doesn't seem like a shape you've already seen during your walks. The places where it grows most often are the fields left fallow, the edges of the roads, the ruins or untreated gardens or lawns.

It has very robust and white-brown roots which sink to the ground for at least 5 centimeters. The plant, above the surface of the earth, can also reach 50 centimeters and has a bushy appearance, a bit ruffled, with many branches in many directions with leaves of 15 centimeters at the highest points. I'm light green leaves and ribbon shape, with sharp edges, which wrap the culm with a sheath characterized by a longitudinal incision. Usually this plant is used as a food source for grazing animals but it also has an environmental function, because fights soil erosion, which is why it is well received along the mountain slopes. It does not have a particular need to be cultivated because it is a weed and is capable of growing and surviving on its own.

Why the forasacco is dangerous for dogs and cats

Although it is not poisonous, otherwise we would not give it to cows and sheep, this plant can become dangerous for dogs and cats, when it is dry, due to its ears. When they finish their vegetative cycle, they really become weapons harmful to the health of our four-legged friends. Pointed and sharp, they manage to slip into the lotus body and can cause injuries or symptoms of various kinds. From the outside it may not seem like a danger, because after all it is a dry ear, but it is able to penetrate through the skin, the nose or ears reaching delicate organs and parts of the body and causing bleeding, for example, but also respiratory crises and blindness, depending on the area in which they penetrate. In some cases, if near the head, they can also create perforations of the ear canal and brain.

Forasacco: symptoms

Let's try to understand together how to recognize thedamage to the forasacco on our domestic creature. Infections can be "from forasacco" but not only that, there are more difficult symptoms to connect to this plant but which need to be recognized to defuse the danger.

  • Sneezing: if the animal begins to start joining ten times, in a violent and sudden way, after sniffing around, with blood loss
  • Ingestion: if the animal coughs a lot, suddenly, and also expels blood
  • Eyes: if the animal has very irritated eyes that begin to water without obvious reasons
  • Ears: if the animal scratches itself and hits its head, especially on the ears and around them
  • Legs: if the animal begins to lick its paw and not only that, even limp while walking, in a sore manner

Remedies for forasacco

It goes without saying that the best remedy for damage to the forasacco it is prevention, but first of all let's see how to intervene when the die is cast. The best thing to do, clearer and more decisive, is the extraction of the pointed ear. You can do it with your own hands or contact a veterinarian. It is not a trivial operation and you need a lot of coolness but also delicacy in order not to make the situation worse instead of solving it. If we are not very practical it is better to pass the ball to those who are used to it but if we are able to remove ticks and fleas from our pet, we can operate in the first person. What is important is that the foreign body breaks up and remains partially embedded in the skin.

L'Intervention by the veterinarian it becomes mandatory if the ear has already penetrated into the tissues and is damaging them. In this case, there is no need to wait, but to go to the veterinarian to ensure that he intervenes promptly and quickly, to prevent damage from becoming serious and irreparable.

A few words also on prevention, which I hope is why you are reading this. To avoid having to manage emergency situations, especially in the months when the forasacco also invades our spaces and those of our animals, we avoid sending them to areas with tall and overgrown grass. It is simple for the dog but for the cat, if free to roam, it is not at all trivial.

But we can make gods check when he gets home, to notice any ears that are stuck in his body without his knowledge and that put him in a dangerous situation. We pay particular attention to hygiene because it is an important premise for our health and that of our dog or cat and makes it easier to identify foreign bodies, such as forasacco but not only.

Forasacco extraction cost

It is difficult to estimate the real cost forextraction of the forasacco, which can be of utmost urgency or not, and in different parts of the body. In fact, we have seen that this insidious plant can slip into the legs as well as into the eyes, nose, ears or mouth and as the area and also the depth at which it has arrived, the difficulty of the intervention and the time that the professional changes. must dedicate you. Instead of reporting a tariff, to be updated and modified area by area, it is better to reiterate that it is NOT avoidable because the health risks associated with forasacco are serious. It is about the life of our animal.

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