How to celebrate your birthday at home in the time of the Coronavirus

How to celebrate your birthday at home in the time of the Coronavirus

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The time frame in which we are housebound is lengthening and many will be starting to wonder how to celebrate birthday at home it is coronavirus times by doing probability calculations and crossing your fingers. Beyond superstition and any kind of positive or negative, optimistic or pessimistic thought, it is better to face this doubt in a pragmatic way and explore the possible solutions to transform this day into a special day, for ourselves, even if deprived of so many freedoms. , momentarily.

It is important, especially in these conditions, but it should always be, asking ourselves what in the "here and now" could make us feel good and do it. To think about ours birthday party this we must do, program simple actions and gestures that really respond to our desires and not to the clichés we are used to. Here are some practical examples to be inspired by.

How to celebrate a birthday at home with ourselves

We can decide to pass a alternate birthday and devote the whole day to taking care of ourselves. Literally, as far as possible, since maybe until now we have never allowed ourselves to do it, because even on our birthday we were busy and respond to work and social commitments. This is the right occasion for a birthday all to yourself. Let's start at wake up calmly, without jumping up as if the house is on fire, and have breakfast in bed, listening to good music or leafing through a magazine, while sipping a juice or a coffee.

If we are used to doing yoga, we can do some for waking up, or about ten minutes of breathing to approach the day without the usual heat. A beautiful shower that's what it takes and today we can take it slow, make one scrub in the shower, this brown sugar is phenomenal, for big occasions. Alternatively, make a coconut hair mask, then sprinkle it with scented cream, massaging slowly.

The morning can be dedicated to the choice of sweet to celebrate with. Let's try something new, if we are curious types, or we unleash a great classic that maybe takes a long time to prepare and we never manage to do it, even if we know that it is our ace in the hole. For lunch, we can have something delicious delivered at home, or cook a cheerful pasta with vegetables to be associated with a fruit. But for lunch, let's get ready with a pretty dress. Which one makes you feel good? The elegant one, even if we can't put our nose out of the house? Or the comfortable one that has always been faithful to us and that makes us feel serene and comfortable? The choice is ours: it is the Our Birthday!

Afternoon a little socializing, hearing from friends and relatives who probably sent a message of good wishes from the early hours of the day. Well, is there anyone we want to hear? Let's call him to thank him greetings instead of sending an icon and let's enjoy his voice and his affection, and the possibility of being able to call and hear him, something that perhaps was not done very often, since chat is much more practical. Before preparing the evening, but so much there cake it is ready, let's take the time to look back a bit, and then cast our gaze forward. It can be done writing a letter to the child self, telling what we have become. Or to the elderly self, confessing our desires and ambitions. If we don't like writing, we can browse old photographs and smile, leaving the melancholy aside because "we have come this far but there is a whole life ahead".

And the evening? The hardest time to decide how to celebrate birthday at home but we can do it and also have fun. Let's choose a movie, let's review our favorite movie or one of the latest ones, let's order a pizza and celebrate with our dessert, with a proper toast. Alone? Even yes, if we live alone: ​​being alone is no excuse to give it up, the birthday boy is right there with us and we are the only ones who are lucky enough to be able to embrace him today.

How to celebrate birthday at home with friends (virtually)

If we don't want to give up the "crowd bath”Which we usually organize for celebrate our birthday, let's get organized a few days before. We draw up a list of the people with whom we wish to share our day, divide them into groups, who already know each other, for example "old friends", "French classmates", "aunts", "cousins", and invite them to video calls during the day. In this way, beyond the limits of the digital which for now cannot make us share hugs, we will be able to spend one day in company, wrapped in affection and attention.

For the day we prepare a sweet all the same, even if you can't send slices via Skype or Zoom. Since we have many moments of toast and good wishes, it is better to choose biscuits or the cream puffs. I love cupcakes and they are perfect for tasting a little dessert for every chat party we have organized.

If we love to see movies, maybe we often go to the cinema with friends, we try to organize a shared vision, choosing together then a movie on TV or streaming or online and let's watch it by commenting together, which cannot be done in the room.

How to celebrate birthday at home with children

If the birthday boy is a child, I obviously change plans, and we can organize a series of creative and memorable moments even within the walls of the house. There breakfast in bed it remains a must and maybe a little sweeter than usual. You can do it all in one room, as if the bed could be a boat, or a flying carpet, imagining where it could take us.

The cake you choose and prepares together, better if by modifying a classic recipe so that it becomes a creation of the birthday boy. If the experiment is successful, it could become the official birthday cake, unique and original, even in the coming years. The morning goes by fast if you cook with the children and for lunch we can order a slice of pizza at home, or we prepare some meatballs with gravy which usually everyone likes, from 0 to 90 years old.

In the afternoon game session, ranging from canned ones to more lively and moving ones. You can find many suggestions in the book "The world in a room", which will also come in handy on rainy or very cold days. Perhaps the funniest and most engaging thing is one treasure hunt organized especially for the birthday that keeps the child busy with a series of fun challenges, in the various rooms. And i video game? Today yes, not for too many hours in a row but we can and maybe let's get involved and explain, who knows that they won't fascinate us and every now and then we can share a challenge in the future.

The evening, after having blown out the candles, can be dedicated to a movie or a game, of your choice. Or to blow all the balloons who have already invaded the room of the birthday boy when he wakes up since morning, making him feel in a dream. You've already thought about it, haven't you?

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