Sitz bath: benefits for our body

Sitz bath: benefits for our body

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The sitz bath is a particular container, similar to a bathtub of generally smaller dimensions, inside which it is possible to partially immerse, while remaining seated.

Curious and - as we will see - beneficial, let's try to understand what are the main characteristics of the sitz bath and how to use it!

What is the sitz bath

As we have already partly mentioned, the sitz bath is a tub that was used a long time ago. Circular in shape, it has smaller dimensions than the normal bathtubs that we can find today in many Italian homes instead of (or together with) the shower, and since it is not fixed to the floor it is possible to move it at will.

Although it was once quite popular, today the sitz bath has practically disappeared in homes, being instead mainly found in wellness and spa centers, when you want to exploit its characteristics for health.

By the way, what are the advantages of using the sitz bath?

The benefits of the sitz bath

Using the sitz bath is quite simple and, in fact, its practice has been handed down with favor thanks to the ease of use of this tool, still today considered a valid ally to be able to deal with various disorders relating to the perineal area, and beyond.

Used with "still" water or with running water, warm or cold depending on the purpose, possibly enriched with essential oils, it can help treat various ailments that could affect "intimate" areas such as cystitis, hemorrhoids, anal fissures, urethral infections or vaginal.

Not only. The sitz bath can also allow you to relieve various ailments of the lower limbs, such as swollen and tired legs, or water retention and cellulite. For some people, the sitz bath would also be useful to help decongest the nose and counteract the conditions of hypertension and insomnia.

How to prepare the sitz bath

Having introduced the above, we now want to ask ourselves how it is possible to prepare the sitz bath. Well, it will not escape the fact that the preparation of this particular "tub" is achievable with a few simple steps, and therefore you will certainly not have to work too hard to be able to achieve all its advantages.

In fact, it is sufficient to fill the tub with water, with a different temperature depending on the treatment you wish to obtain, and immerse the basin. As a result, the legs, trunk, arms and, obviously, the head remain outside the sitz bath. Treatments generally last between 15 and 20 minutes.

Sitz bath for hemorrhoids

One of the most frequent purposes of the sitz bath is related to the possibility of relieve hemorrhoids. In this case, just fill the tub - as indicated above - with warm water. Instead, it is good to avoid that the water is too hot, because in this case the symptoms could worsen.

Sitz bath for nasal decongestion

Another useful remedy for which the sitz bath can be used is that of nasal decongestion. In this case, the treatment must be carried out with cold water: it seems that an immersion of the pelvis in these conditions, for about fifteen minutes, can be a good remedy against hay fever, and more.

Sitz bath to treat cellulite

Yet another purpose for which the sitz bath it is represented by the contrast to that dreaded imperfection that is cellulite. In order to obtain appreciable results, however, it is necessary to practice this treatment consistently, for at least 10 minutes a day. If you don't have a sitz bath, you can run for cover using a large basin, or a bidet.

The water temperature

As we understood a few lines ago, we can use the sitz bath for different treatments. And each of these treatments will require a different water temperature.

We wanted to shed some light on this issue, dividing which temperatures are most suitable according to the treatments you want to pursue.

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Cold water

You can use cold water for the sitz bath if you want to combat venous and lower limb pathologies, inflammation of the genital systems or, again, edematous pathologies of the intestinal system.

In fact, the sitz bath with cold water reactivates the local circulation of the pelvic area, increasing the tone of the tissues. Therefore, it is not surprising that this trick is used in order to counteract candida, heaviness in the legs, and so on.

Hot water

The sitz bath with hot water includes immersions for at least 15 minutes, and can be useful for carrying out a series of treatments useful for remedying various ailments such as gynecological inflammation, cystitis, the anal fissures, the prostatitis and the urethritis.

Immersion in hot water (obviously, not hot!) Can also be particularly useful for exerting a natural antispasmodic and pain-relieving action.

Warm water

There is also the possibility of diving in the sitz bath with warm water. Also in this case, the soak is characterized by a longer duration, of at least 15-20 minutes, and can be useful for treating intimate itching and hemorrhoids.

Finally, we remind all our readers that it is not uncommon to dive in the sitz bath with alternating temperatures, thus passing from hot water to cold water, and vice versa.

This treatment can be helpful in order to limit swelling of the ankles, foot infections, treatment of imperfections such as cellulite, and again water retention or the contrast of cystitis.

Obviously, to take advantage of the sitz bath with alternating temperatures it will be necessary to have two tanks available, thus passing from that with hot water to cold water, every few minutes.

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