What is the hemodiet and how it works

What is the hemodiet and how it works

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Also known as the blood group diethemodiet seems to be back in fashion and a group of scholars promptly went to study its effectiveness, obtaining interesting results and confirming the suspicions of the many experts who had already said they were perplexed about this type of power supply. Let's see what it is and why it is not the correct path to follow.

What is the hemodiet?

Hemodieta is a food conduct that was already proposed a long time ago as the solution for improving the real health of an individual and reducing all risk factors concerning chronic diseases, cardiovascular diseases, etc. Therefore, the goal of those who should have followed it was not so much to lose weight but to achieve an excellent physical state.

The hypothesis was the American naturopath James D’Adamo in a book published in 1980: "One man's food". In the following years, the son continued to support and disseminate it through a book that, unlike that of his father, had an extraordinary success. Published in 1997, "Eating right for your type" it has sold 7 million copies sold and has been translated into more than 50 languages. Imagine how many people in recent years have at least started a diet like this in the hope of being well.

Blood groups of the hemodialysis

If we go deeper what is hemodiet, we discover that it had a complex structure and organization that made us think that it was something effective.

D'Adamo had imagined that the various blood groups (0, A, B and AB) were the result of different processes of evolution and very different lifestyles, including but not limited to food. Each group therefore reflected a period of human history with specific characteristics.

  • group 0 it corresponds to the hunter, the man who gave rise to offspring and who followed a diet rich in fruit and plants but above all in game;
  • group A corresponds to the farmer who follows a more vegetarian diet;
  • group B it is that of the nomadic man, who lived about 10,000 years ago and dedicated to pastoralism in the Caucasian areas and in Mongolia. This type of man has a varied diet, which follows the art of getting by and includes meat and vegetables, but also dairy products);
  • the AB group corresponds to the enigma man, the most recent, formed about 1000 years ago from the mixing of groups A and B. This type of man follows a hybrid diet between that of group A and that of group B.

Foods have also been divided into categories by the inventor of the Adam's diet, in different lists according to the group to which they belong, but also divided into "beneficial" foods, "neutral" foods or "indifferent" and "harmful" foods.

How the hemodiet works

Now let's see with what logic Adam advises us to eat. It starts from a specific element, from lectins which are mainly vegetable proteins, and their presence in our diet is analyzed. Not all blood groups can "accept" them and if a person introduces them into their diet when they shouldn't, they can cause agglutination of blood cells up to inflammatory state and the development of some kind of intolerance, or a reaction with similar symptoms.

Each blood group also, according to the D’Amato theory, was shown to be inclined to fall ill with specific diseases. Group A was primarily concerned with anemia, liver disorders and Type 1 diabetes, Group B with autoimmune diseases and Group AB with cardiovascular diseases.

Opinions on hemodialysis of the scientific community

Most doctors and biologists immediately demonstrated strong perplexity about its effectiveness of this dietary regimen. Let's see what their reasons are.

  1. the lectins they are present in foods in minimal quantities, especially in raw cereals, and are sensitive to high temperatures, so it is strange that they are so at the center of so much hype.
  2. statistics do not confirm the prevalence of certain pathologies for specific blood groups;
  3. looking at the diets it seems that all intolerant to lactose and milk protein allergy sufferers should only belong to group 0 but that's not the case at all
  4. studies on gblood ruptures and their origin affirm that group A evolved first, while group 0 appeared only later and this does not confirm Adam's hypothesis.
  5. blood groups are not born in relation to different power supplies. There are populations that eat very differently but in which we find individuals with the same blood groups. Just look around and ask your blood groups to see it.

These are only the main observations that the experts have made on hemodialysis but they are enough to make us understand that it is not a well-founded theory and that could lead us to change our lifestyle in a useless if not harmful way. Better to rely on the advice of nutritionists and adopt a varied and healthy diet.

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