Wood coatings: how to clean them correctly

Wood coatings: how to clean them correctly

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THE wood paneling they can give a great touch of quality to your apartment but… do you know exactly how to clean them correctly and effectively?

Whether it is the right time for the most important cleaning, whether you are planning it for the near future, it may be useful to find out how to maintain the health of your wood with great quality, whether it be bamboo, oak or other type without therefore neglecting a surface which, although resistant, needs some essential precautions.

For this very reason, we have tried to collect some basic tips that will allow you to get the best out of yours wood paneling, preventing them from being damaged or deteriorating, and instead allowing them to show off all their beauty over the years!

How to clean wood paneling

Let's start with the basics. If you haven't taken care of the cleaning of wooden coatings for a long time, it is likely that some dust has accumulated on their surface.

So, as you are probably already guessing, the first thing you need to do is remove the dust. This will allow the wood to prepare for the next phase of cleaning, with a more moist and nourishing substance. In fact, if you proceed to wet the dusty wood cladding, what you can get is simply a pulp of dust and water, which will cost you even more effort in cleaning.

In carrying out this first preliminary cleaning operation, you can help yourself with a soft, lint-free cloth, or if you prefer a good quality, non-aggressive glove for furniture. However, if the wooden cladding occupies a larger area, then you could also carry out a faster cleaning operation with the help of a vacuum cleaner or an electric broom. Take care only to use the most suitable accessories for this surface.

This is done once you have removed all the dust from the surface of the wooden cladding, you can proceed with passing a moist and nutritious substance.

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But be careful what you use!

Using water directly on the wood could create more harm than good and, above all, it could be a completely useless precaution in proceeding with the cleaning operation.

Instead, it is better to just spray a little nourishing substance, suitable for your wood, on a glove or a soft cloth, and gently wipe this compound on the wooden coating.

We also recommend that you follow the manufacturer's instructions and, if in doubt, ask an expert for advice: each wood may in fact require different maintenance activities. Better get informed before starting a cleaning activity with too much confidence and superficiality that could prejudice the goodness of your material!

Tips for general cleaning of wood paneling

Based on the above, we have summarized, remember that it is not always advisable to wash wood and wood products with water, precisely because of the potential damage that excess moisture can cause.

However, it is also true that there may be times when the excess dirt and grime that has accumulated in the wood cladding make it necessary to do this.

The important is… understand when it's time to wash the wood! For example, many coatings that are periodically treated with a cloth against dust, and which therefore do not suffer harmful accumulations of this substance, could only benefit from cleaning with washing only once or twice a year.

In these cases, as well as in other cases of cleaning, it is advisable to use a good cleaning product suitable for wood, of good quality, and remember to squeeze excess water from the cleaning cloth so that it is damp, but not wet. , before proceeding.

Tips for cleaning the parquet

And if the wooden cladding you need to clean is parquet, which is the largest area in terms of cladding that you could face at home, then there are a number of tips that you absolutely must keep in mind.

For example, when you wash the parquet you must NOT:

  • wash it using plenty of water and waiting for it to dry, because doing so will trap the moisture inside for a long time, damaging it;
  • use alcoholic or aggressive products, such as bleach, which could damage the wood irreparably;
  • use aggressive tools such as the stick to scrub the floor, which could accidentally scratch the parquet;
  • move heavy furniture on the parquet, dragging it on the floor, as doing so could create potential scratches;
  • use steam machines, to remove any stains on the floor covering, because the high temperature of the steam could impregnate the wood.

In contrast, here is a series of tips on what to do to clean the parquet:

  • use a slightly damp cloth and wipe it on the floor periodically to avoid accumulations of dirt, which would then be much more difficult to remove;
  • pass a cloth to catch dust every day, for the above reasons;
  • use lukewarm water, but never hot;
  • use specific products for wood or, if in doubt, neutral, natural and ultra-delicate products;
  • buy special cloths for wood;
  • pass the cleaning products on the surface with great delicacy, in order to avoid scratches or dents that will remain over time;
  • buff the surface with a dry cotton cloth to maximize the goodness of your cleaning efforts.

We hope that these tips will be useful for you to approach the activities of cleaning of wooden coatings. If in doubt, ask an expert for advice before starting!

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