How to make colored salt

How to make colored salt

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Common sea salt, like what you probably also have in the kitchen, can be used not only for food purposes, but also to show off your creativity.

For example, you can still color this ingredient and make it a point to make it a decorative element. So if you are wondering how to make colored salt, you are absolutely in the right place. We will find out together and, together, we will see how to choose the best technique to color the salt!

But let's go in order, and try to understand how to make colored salt with the simplest path. We will therefore find out together what the ingredients are and what the procedure is.

Given its ease, we recommend that you involve your children as well. It will be the right opportunity to create some good family fun!

Ingredients for making colored salt

Let's start by getting the useful ingredients to make the colored salt. In any case ... there is nothing strange or that you cannot already recover at home. Indeed, it is very likely that it already has all the ingredients or a good part of them.

For those who do not yet have available, there is always a remedy. You can find them in the nearest supermarket or in a common stationery.

The ingredients for the colored salt are:

  • fine salt,
  • colored chalks,
  • sheets of paper,
  • glass containers and jars,
  • other optional decoration elements, such as glitter.

Have you recovered all the ingredients that we had the opportunity to share with you above?

Remember that you don't need to spend too much money!

You can easily find glass containers in the supermarket for just a few euros. If you want to save money, there are special discount stores that sell them, just as savings should be ensured in department stores. In any case, they will certainly be ideal for your colored salt!

How to make colored salt: the procedure

If you have recovered all the useful ingredients for this recipe, we can finally dedicate ourselves to sharing some information on the procedure that is useful for making the colored salt.

Also in this case, there is no problem, considering that the procedure is really very simple.

Start by putting a few teaspoons of fine salt on the paper and rub with colored chalk. You will get the colored salt which you can then possibly embellish by putting some glitter in order to create an even more lively and dynamic tone!

Color the salt with markers

In addition to chalks, you can color the salt using the markers.

Try to buy round and large (or at least medium) pointed ones on the market, to make your job even easier. As for the colors, as you can imagine it all depends on your ambitions. Bet on the ones you think may be the most attractive for your creativity.

Once this is done, pour the amount of salt until you want into a plastic cup, uncork the marker you have chosen and dip it with the tip down in the salt.

Now all you have to do is mix the salt by making circular movements with the marker until the salt is colored as you like. Let it dry for a few minutes and then proceed again using another color and another pile of salt!

Color the salt with tempera

Another rather simple method for coloring the salt is to use tempera. But how?

Again, nothing could be simpler!

Pour some tempera of the color you want into a small bowl, and dilute them by adding a little water. When the mixture is no longer as thick as it originally was, add the salt as well.

Mix the salt to the color using a plastic scoop or a wooden spoon, and you will gradually see the salt crystals begin, progressively, to change color, until they become the chosen tone.


So far, a few simple considerations on the ways you can follow in order to create colored salt.

As we saw in the previous lines, the instructions for creating the colored salt are really very simple, and you can only take a few minutes of your time (and a little more patience for drying) to get to have a compound that you can use for many creative and artistic works.

For example, you can use colored salt to fill jars that can be displayed in different corners of your apartment. Or, you can use colored salt as a primary ingredient for the creation of pleasant sculptures that you will be able to customize in your funniest DIY!

Given the above, our suggestion is to involve the little ones in this activity. We are sure that they will give their contribution in order to arrive at the definition of a real work of art, and that they will end up falling in love with this simple technique of creating a compound that they can then use for many creations, shapes and more. !

Having clarified what we have formulated in the preceding lines, we can therefore only invite you to break all delay and try to create colored salt in your home, choosing which of the procedures summarized above you wish to be able to apply.

And if you have other useful procedures to be able to create colored salt, let us know which are the paths you have already experienced positively. It will be our pleasure to enrich this in-depth analysis with all the additions you deem most appropriate to be able to embellish your works of art with creativity and imagination!

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