Maker Faire Rome 2019: innovation and sustainability on show in Rome

Maker Faire Rome 2019: innovation and sustainability on show in Rome

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Archimedes of the third millennium thinks green. And to them, the inventors who care about the environment, Maker Faire Rome 2019, the largest innovation event in the world scheduled in Fiera di Roma until Sunday 20 October, dedicated an entire pavilion: Re-Think, namely Bieconomy, Circular Economy, Energy, Food and Agriculture.

Even the event itself takes care of the environment, in fact starting this year Maker Faire Rome is carbon neutral: emission control, planting of trees in Guatemala to compensate for CO2, use of entirely renewable electricity and reduction of single-use plastic, in addition to the installation of ecological islands with containers for recycling. Exhibitors from all over the world, for the 2019 edition, including artists and "makers", from individuals to large companies.

Maker Faire Rome 2019: highlights from the stands

The stand is impressive Eni inside Hall 3 (600 square meters) which focuses its presence at the fair on the innovative projects that the company is experimenting with to produce energy through water, also from a circular economy perspective: the mood The Blue Loop.

A space where they stand out hydroponics tanks as an example of alternative and virtuous cultivation, animated by laboratory activities with very young people always in the sign of sustainability.

Four projects on display that Eni is implementing to extract clean energy from the sea: ISWEC a real "Cradle of Energy", Italian technology capable of transforming waves into economically and ecologically sustainable energy. Power Buoy, technology for the production of wave energy capable of increasing the operational excellence of offshore activities.

Place, the first national example of the conversion of a platform into an integrated aquaculture system, with a view to a circular economy in support of sustainable development of the sea.

Intensified biofixation of CO2, which reproduces the natural process of chlorophyll photosynthesis for the production of bio-oil using only microalgae, CO2 and sunlight.

"ISWEC (Inertial Sea Wave Energy Converter) - explains Andrea Alessi, Eni marine energy project manager - is a project carried out with the Politecnico di Torino (PoliTO) and Wave for Energy (spin off of the PoliTO) for the production of wave energy combined with photovoltaic and energy storage (photovoltaic system installed on the platform and batteries inserted within ISWEC ). The "cradle of energy ", that's what we called it, it is able to convert the energy of the sea waves into electricity, managing to adapt to sea conditions to ensure high conversion efficiency: Eni has successfully launched this project in the Ravenna offshore.

From a circular economy perspective our platforms are becoming the forerunners for the construction of real hubs for the capture and use of renewable energy from wave motion».

Very interesting, again, is the project of Biofixation intensified CO2 explained by Filomena Castaldo, Eni development project manager: «We have created a biological reactor with microalgae fed with CO2 and sunlight, reproducing photosynthesis. From these microalgae algal flour is produced from which a third generation bio-oil, to be used for example as a feed for the production of bio diesel. An intensified bio-fixation prototype has already been built in Ragusa ».

But there are several noteworthy projects at the fair. Between these AgriBioM, start-up born in 2018, winner of the first edition of the Circular Economy Network award, a bio mulch spray made entirely from agro-industrial waste, a real alternative to plastics used in agriculture that end up damaging the environment, a product already used both in Italy and abroad.

Very interesting the smart dryer for pasta solar powered studied by Create (Council for agriculture and the analysis of the agricultural economy) which uses the renewable source and is managed by an external software that controls the temperature and humidity of the product.

Plastic, its reuse and replacement are one of the central themes of this era. Aeneas in the Research Center of Brindisi he created a completely biodegradable packaging starting from dairy waste. The project is called Biocosì and could become a real alternative to polystyrene food packaging.

Maker Faire Rome 2019 it is also the place that allows the very young to show talent and ingenuity. From this point of view, the two projects presented by children under 18 are surprising.

The first is called Treebeard and to explain it are Matteo and Lorenzo, the two students of the IIS Gae Aulenti of Biella who made the prototype in 2018: «Our robot, equipped with artificial intelligence, is completely autonomous, therefore able to interact with humans. Its purpose is to remotely monitor the needs of plants and protect them from animals which are harmful without consequences for the latter, using only ultrasounds and sounds of predators.

With this project we won the Miur Award at the Robotics Olympics (2019) competing in the Earth category».

The other truly innovative green prototype is signed by four young winners of the 2019 Robotics Olympics: Giorgio Bernardini, Alberto Conte, Luca De Ponti and Tommaso Pavletic, students of the Liceti Higher Institute in Rapallo (Genoa). To illustrate the project, which has already received the attention of major investors, are Tommaso and Luca: «Hydrocarbot is a robot, powered by solar panels, which allows you to absorb hydrocarbons from the water through a special sponge provided by the Italian Institute of Technology. The robot rests on two floating pvc tubes and can be directed via a remote control. The idea was born following the events that took place in our city in October 2018, when the port of Rapallo was destroyed by a storm with the consequent spill of fuel from ships into the sea that has not yet been collected».

Maker Fair Rome 2019: curiosity

TO Maker Fair Rome 2019 there was no shortage of curiosities. There 3D printed ice cream machine made by Roberto Colucci, long-time ice cream maker, filled with water and salt and powered with a simple crank.

There BikerTop, mobile cover for bicycles developed by the start-up Smart Mobility Solution and winner of the Seed Money tender of the province of Trento.

And finally, Bentu the portable wind turbine born from an idea by Daniele Valentini, developed in collaboration with the Department of Industrial Engineering of Rome, Tor Vergata, with the participation of Vincenzo Mulone and Leonardo Mascarino.

Curated by Sabrina Mechella

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