2019: it's temperature record, it's getting hotter and hotter

2019: it's temperature record, it's getting hotter and hotter

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For the temperatures of the planet there is now no respite. They keep increasing. Non-stop, year after year. And although there are those who still persist in denying the evidence, the data collected in recent months speak with extreme clarity.

As pointed out by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), 90% of the world population has just experienced the hottest summer on record. As if that weren't enough, 2019 is so far the third warmest year ever, after 2016 and 2017. Since 2009, nine of the ten highest global surface temperatures of land and ocean have occurred, from June to August.

Summer 2019: record temperatures at every latitude of the globe

Remaining within the European borders, according to data released by NOAA, the Old World it was hit by multiple and violent heat waves throughout the summer, with peaks of maximum temperatures spread throughout the territory. France and Germany experienced their third warmest summers on record, while Austria had its second warmest summer.

But even unthinkable parts of the world have experienced record temperatures. L'Alaska it was for example one of the planetary areas that suffered most from the heat. Eight of the first thirteen warmest days ever recorded at this latitude occurred in 2019. TheAnchorage airport, where there has been a weather station since 1917, on 4 July it reached + 32.2 ° C for the first time. The thermometer also recorded a temperature of + 26.7 ° C eight times this year. This is the largest number ever since weather recordings began in Anchorage.

Also affecting temperatures in Alaska were the devastating fires that literally smashed millions of acres of land. Moreover, 2019 will sadly go down in history due to the interminable sequence of fires that have affected much of the globe, even in the most extreme regions, such as Siberia.

The record temperatures of Milan

Even our peninsula has been hit by heat brackets that are difficult to forget. In Milan, summer 2019 was the hottest of the last decade, on a par with 2017, and the second hottest in the last 122 years after that of 2003. According to the surveys of Omd Foundation - Milan Duomo Meteorological Observatory, the average temperature of the season between 1 June and 31 August 2019 was 26.5 ° C, 2.4 ° C higher than the Clino, benchmark used by the World Meteorological Organization.

In the Milanese capital, all three summer months were warmer than usual. However, the month of June was particularly hot, which with an average of 26.2 ° C appears to be the second hottest June since 1897.

June 27 was especially the hottest day, during which not only the highest maximum temperature of the season (37.7 ° C) but also the minimum (27.8 ° C) and the daily average (33.2 ° C) were measured. ) higher.

Record temperatures that make you think. Quite seriously. There is still room for some doubts about global warming?


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