Monotonous eating and Arfid eating disorder

Monotonous eating and Arfid eating disorder

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There are those who love to experiment and those who prefer to eat more or less the same things. It can happen out of laziness or out of necessity, or because you feel safer. Each of us has his favorite dishes that he would like to always be at the table but we are aware that one monotonous feeding it is not healthy. In fact, experts strongly recommend us to vary, to include many ingredients in our diets and to cover all categories, including the fats and sugars that must exist. In fair measure, but they don't have to be zero. Amonotonous nutrition it is not only boring in some respects, but it is also bad for our health. If you exaggerate, in a pathological way, you can even get to a eating disorder that takes the name of Arfid.

Monotonous nutrition: benefits

Let's start from the data, to make it clear that it is not a legend, that of the varied diet, but the result of scientific studies. Those who do not have a monotonous diet have a lower risk of 44 percent to undergo cognitive decline according to a study published in Geriatrics and Gerontology International. A group of Japanese researchers collected data from 570 elderly people following them for 8 years as part of a surveillance study and observed precisely these results. The idea was born to understand if it were true that the deficiency of some nutrients such as vitamins C and E, beta-carotene and long-chain omega 3 fatty acids could increase the risk of dementia.

This is neither new nor a particularly surprising result for those who study and know a little about the brain and how it works. In order to reason correctly, it is necessary to provide him with many nutrients of various types, drawing on all 5 basic food groups.

We need proteins for amino acids, useful for the production of neurotransmitters that are used by neurons to communicate with each other. We can take both vegetables and animals but we must not do without it, also because they often also contain other useful substances such as omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D from fatty fish; iron and B vitamins from meat; calcium from milk and derivatives.

Also very useful for the brain sugars. The glucose it really serves to reason and we find it in fruit, vegetables, legumes and cereals. In fruits and vegetables we also find C vitamin and beta carotene which participate in antioxidant defense mechanisms, useful for counteracting neurodegenerative oxidative stress.

Monotonous and Arfid feeding

We threw this name there at the beginning, without going into it, but we do it now. With this term a new eating disorder has been defined which is characterized by the fact that food is selected and only a few types are eaten. Most often it affects people of adolescence, more boys than girls. Arfid is the acronym of Avoidant restrictive food intake disorder or "restrictive avoidant disorder in food intake".

The name was invented in 2013, so it is a recently recognized eating disorder.

Children can be more or less courageous intaste new foods and a little distrust can also be normal or acceptable. However, there are limits beyond which it is better to worry. When this strong selection begins to cause weight loss, growth difficulties, the need for nutritional supplements it is better to intervene on the disorder. Often occurs together with others such as autism and attention deficit disorders, it can be favored by an anxious family atmosphere or a tendency to hyperactivity. A specialized multidisciplinary team made up of a pediatrician, child neuro-psychiatrist and psychologist is therefore needed to treat the child. Even during adolescence,Arfid it can occur. Cause weight loss but it does not coincide with anorexia.

Some foods are discarded not for fear of gaining weight but for other reasons, with different criteria that maybe they can be based on smell or texture and not on the number of calories. Also in this case an intervention with a multidisciplinary team is needed to stop the disorder, before it leads to chronic anxiety and depression. If you do not intervene in a targeted way, you can drag yourself thereArfid even in adult life. It is a problem that causes damage to health but also social because it does not allow you to have a normal emotional life excluding any possibility of eating out in company.

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