Albatross: enchanting seabirds

Albatross: enchanting seabirds

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Albatross: birdsmarine with spectacular flights, able to travel many miles during their migrations. Characteristics, habitat and difference with the seagull.

THEDiomededithey are a family ofsea ​​birdscommonly known as albatri (singular, albatross or albatross). Why do these birds attract attention? For the spectacular flights and because they are the largest birds on Earth. L'howler albatross(speciesDiomedea exulans) is the bird with the largest wingspan in the world.

Howler albatross and king albatross

They are the largest birds in the world, the howling albatross and the royal albatross.

The howler albatross is on average 105 to 140 cm long, weighs between 6 and 11 kg but above all, has an average wingspan that oscillates between 270 and 350 cm. The largest bird in the world is just a howling albatross, the record was set in 1965 when a howling albatross with a wingspan of 3.63 meters was recorded, basically as big as a fiat panda!

The wingspan of the royal albatross is more modest, however it is still around 3 meters.

The photo above shows a howling albatross, by far the largest bird in the world. Howler albatrosses can live up to 50 years of age. The IUCN list includes the Diomedea exulans species among the "vulnerable" ones.

Albatross: birds

After seeing which are the two largest birds in the world, let's focus on the whole family. There are notable differences between the different species, however, any albatross can generally be described in the same way.

ThealbatrossesI'mlarge seabirds, their plumage is white and the wings are partially black, as well as the tail. They have a large head and a strong hooked beak.

They draw incredible flights in the air and on the surface of the water. On average, the wingspan of these birds are around 175 cm, however the largest specimens, seen in the introduction, reach wingspan of over 3 meters, settling between thelargest birds in the world.

What does albatross eat?

Any species feeds on fatty and oily foods. The most frequent prey are cuttlefish, fish and krill. Numerous albatrosses can be seen flying near whalers or other ships that release fish processing waste into the sea.

What do they drink?
Salt water, just like other seabirds.

They are excellent hunters, however when they don't fly, they often float on the surface of the water, becoming easy morsels for aquatic predators.

Natural habitat: where does the albatross live?

They fly over the ocean, float on the surface of the water and only in certain circumstances do they land on land (for mating, nesting and breeding of chicks).

For reproduction, thealbatrossesthey prefer remote islands and pristine coasts where they form large colonies. Each pair (the albatross is a monogamous bird and some species form pairs for life) produces only one egg and the male and female take care of the nest by taking long shifts.

Most of the "albatrosses" migrate to the south of the globe from Antarctica (South Pole). In the cold months of the year, these birds reach the coasts of Australia, South Africa and South America. Migration (from the South Pole to the southern coasts of Africa, Latin America and Australia) is common for all species, except for the albatrosses that populate the North Pacific (which always move remaining on the Pacific), those of Hawaii that come from Japan and the California albatross populations arriving from Alaska.

The wind and the ability to "sail" are the factors that allow albatrosses to perform long flights.

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Difference between seagull and albatross

We Mediterraneans are unfamiliar withalbatross, however, we know seagulls well. What is the difference between seagull and albatross?

They are two quite different species. They only have in common that they are sea birds and thus share some morphological characteristics.

THEseagullsthey belong to the Laridae family. They are medium-sized seabirds. The largest species of seagulls weighs around 2 kg while the smallest (the seagull) weighs only around 120 grams!

Furthermore, it is true that iseagullsI'msea ​​birds, however, several colonies live on large lakes. Some people may confuse aseagull with an albatrossbut only because they do not evaluate its size and other significant characteristics.

The wide wingspan of the albatross allows a very efficient type of flight, which does not requireconstantly knock there to stay airborne, the more discreet and smaller wings of the seagull are able to exploit the wind, however a higher energy investment is required. For more information and pictures about the seagull: herring gull.

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