How to dress for horseback riding

How to dress for horseback riding

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How to dress for horseback riding: from specific clothing for horseback riding to suggestions on how to dress for a horse ride.

According to a survey, people who approach the world of horse riding have an age that is around 30 years old. I tell you that at this age your body size is quite complex and this could limit the right contact with the horse. For children, any approach becomes natural. We adults carry inhibitions with us.

Before you understandhow to dress for horseback ridingalso try to ask yourself about your posture: how stiff is it? Increase your body awareness and… choose clothing as comfortable as possible. The first rule is this: you have to feel comfortable!

How to dress for horseback riding

Whether you are planning a walk or planning a first workout, whatever pants and shirts you wear will have to make you feel good about yourself. A shirt or trousers that prevents or inhibits your movements, even if "designed for horse riding", must be discarded!

Learn to feel the clothes you wear, how you wear them and how they make you feel. This is essential for understanding how to dress for horseback riding.

If you're planning a simple horseback ride, you don't have to buy clothing specific, you just need to dress comfortably and follow the tips seen in the guidelike riding a horse.

If you want to learn to ride and practice riding consistently, then yes, you would do well to program a dedicated closet.

Clothing for riding

Horse riding boots, trousers, helmet, protective vest, jackets… Between clothing and accessories, you would have plenty to buy. Stop! Don't make the mistake of buying allisall together. Start riding with the clothing you already have in your wardrobe, use only a helmet and basic protections (which riding centers often make available for their customers) and the rest will come by itself.

Early purchases include trousers and boots for horseback riding.

What are the difference between classic trousers and riding trousers?
The resistance. I would also say the "fit" but in reality what really makes the difference are the reinforcements. A common pant does not withstand much wear if you often ride. On the other hand, trousers for riding horses have reinforcements placed in the parts most subject to wear.

For learn to ride a horseyou don't need to buy an entire wardrobe. Start with comfortable clothing and rely on a good instructor. The center will provide you with basic protections. From here you will have a smooth road and you will be able to shop according to your real needs.

Type of riding: English or western

As you start horse riding you will find that you will need onesaddleall yours. Before buying the saddle, clothing andhorse riding equipment, you will have to decide on the type of riding ... you will also have to understand if horse riding is really for you. :) Ideally it is nice to ride a horse but in practice you will find that then, maybe, you don't like it so much!

In Italy, in many riding schools I see mainly English riding. In English riding the reins are held with both hands making sure that the contact of the iron on the sides of the mouth is always maintained. The reins, in fact, are used to direct the horse's path. In the American (western) riding it is rare to see the rider use both hands. The difference in riding also lies in the way in which orders are given to the horse. For example, to stop the horse in English riding, both reins will be pulled progressively. In American riding, the weight shift associated with the "whoa" order is used to stop the horse. Once you have decided on the type of mount, the equipment you will need to buy is the following:

  • Saddle
  • Saddle pad
  • Bridles
  • Cap (helmet)
  • Brackets
  • Boots

Boots for riding

On the market there are English riding boots or western riding boots. For English riding, there is the possibility of taking (lower) boots to be associated with the gaiters. Again, the choice can be made gradually.

How to dress for horseback riding?

Let's take stock. If you plan to take frequent horseback riding or start a course, you can afford to purchase:

  • Helmet
  • Back protectors (protective vest)
  • Riding trousers
  • Comfortable polo shirt
  • Boots

Initially, I do not recommend the use of gloves. The reason? They limit yousensitivity in contact with the bridle.Especially in English riding, the traction you apply on the bridle is everything!

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